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What's New With the Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw - Black Edition

Are you looking to get to work in concrete cutting? Do you require hydraulic tools that can do everything?

ACG Dragonsaw offers the best ring saw package deals for you. After ten years of research and development, the Dragon Saw provides major features like drive system technology and water injection plates. It also has up to 3x cutting speed and 5x more diamond blade life compared to other chainsaws. 

Drop the large wall saw blades and get the new hydraulic dragon ring saw - black edition! Read on to discover what's new with this hydraulic equipment.

The Best Diamond Hydraulic Concrete Saw

The most promising concrete hand saw cuts up to 20 inches thick in block or concrete. It has enough power to bring to the blade, where it gets needed. One-third less cutting expense than using a chain saw.

Stops overcut on corners. Dragon saw cutting speed is three times quicker than using a chain saw. Also, the diamond blade's durability is up to five times longer.

With a half-inch quick detach hose and fittings at a light weight of 29.8 lbs. letting you cut up to 20 inches deep with a twenty inches blade

Features and Benefits of Dragon Hydraulic Black Edition Hand Saw

As stated above, it has a direct drive that pairs the hydraulic motor to the saw blade. The ring saw can transfer full power without a belt breaking or slipping. Moreover, it has a lightweight aluminum structure and ten inches cutting depth.

The grip placement and design offer a more comfortable function. It only needs low maintenance while providing excellent performance. The dragon ring saws cut deeper and straight, which is also great for pre-cut materials.

The water injection skid plate gets reconditioned to wear out as the ring blade. It helps control earlier wearing on the inner parts of the ring saw. However, using only a dragon ring saw blade is vital as other blades will nullify the warranty.

Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw Modified Design

After a decade of research on ACG dragon products, we developed these powerful features for ring saws. The new and improved diamond products component include:

  • Redesigned threaded drive rollers to stop wear and vibration
  • New thin-out lock system and a fifty percent longer life on bearings
  • Reengineered guide rollers
  • A new water-cooled transmission system
  • New full center guard
  • New base plate transformation
  • Added oil in gearbox and transmission

These new benefits and features make them the most reliable and efficient tools for the job. All dragon ring saw has a drive design technology that secures the blade from slippage. The patented drive ensures the highest efficiency on the durability of the saw blades.

Get the New Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw

Dragon saws offer high power and torque without fumes, perfect for deeper concrete cutting. A dragon ring saw is also an ideal option for solid workpieces and cross-sections of material.

Are you ready to get started with the hydraulic dragon ring saw? The new stylish black edition is the best there is! With all the finest features and benefits mentioned above, you can have the most efficient tool for your project.

Give us a call if you want to purchase the best saws and tools available in Canada! At ACG Saws & Tools, you can purchase new blades for your Hydraulic Hand Saw or buy the whole Dragon Saw set. 

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