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24" Hydraulic Circular Hand Saw

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$3,600.00 - $4,107.00
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This powerful Hydraulic concrete hand saw is a must-have if you looking to start cutting concrete. Get a full 10 inches of cutting depth with a 24-inch diamond blade. Direct drive for the best power and torque transfer to your blade. Concrete cutters around the world prefer our saws to cut openings in walls and trenches in slabs.

  • Cut through bricks, concrete, stone blocks, and other hard materials.
  • Cut openings or channels through concrete blocks, walls, and slabs.
  • For demolition projects, remove debris, etc.
  • Other heavy cutting needs.

*Blades are sold separately*

Why Choose the Hydraulic Handsaw Saw for Your Cement Cutting Needs?

The hydraulic circular hand saw is our version of a powerful and efficient standard cutting saw. It has a lightweight aluminum body equipped with a 10 GPM Casappa Motor. The handle is designed and positioned to enhance the operator's efficiency, safety, and comfort. This product sets a new standard in cutting precision and performance, making it the top choice for professionals in the industry.

  • 1/2” fitting connections
  • About 12” of hose length
  • 2000-2500 PSI
  • Weight 32 lbs with blade
  • Cuts 10" with a 24" Blade
  • Cuts 11" with a 26" Blade
  • 1" Arbor Size
  • Wet Cutting Only!
  • Operator Manual
  • Part Lists & Drawings
Ergonomic and comfortable design

Beyond its functional capabilities, the saw is signed keeping user comfort in mind, with ergonomic handles and a well-balanced structure. Extended usage becomes more comfortable, reducing hand and arm strain. This design ensures that users can maintain accuracy over prolonged periods without discomfort

Possible 11" of cutting depth

The saw can achieve an impressive cutting depth of up to 11 inches. This depth range ensures versatility in handling various materials and project sizes. Whether you're handling thin panels or thick blocks, the saw is up to the task.

Lightweight aluminum frame

The saw boasts a frame constructed from high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability without adding unnecessary weight. The reduced weight gives users easy manoeuvrability, allowing for precise cuts even in challenging positions. This makes it suitable for both novice and seasoned users, ensuring a fatigue-free experience.

1-Year warranty

We stand by the quality of our hydraulic circular saw by offering a 1-year warranty. This warranty gives users peace of mind, knowing that a guarantee backs them.