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24" Hydraulic Flush Cut

Original price $4,299.99 - Original price $4,499.99
Original price
$4,299.99 - $4,499.99
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The Hydraulic Flush Cut is a powerful concrete hand saw variation that allows you to cut flush to any surface. Ergonomic and lightweight aluminum body that carries a 24" (610 mm) diamond blade that cuts 10" (254 mm) deep in reinforced concrete, block, and stone.

We engineered a variable trigger handle to comply with all cutting situations. The handle height is adjustable for comfort. We also added a vertical/horizontal rotation for convenient hand positioning.

 *Blades are sold separately*

    Features & Benefits

    At ACG Saws & Tools of Canada Inc., we proudly present the hydraulic flush cut. Engineered to provide top-quality performance, this innovative tool is designed to meet the demands of professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

    • 1/2” fitting connections
    • About 12” of hose length
    • 2000-2500 PSI
    • Weight 32 lbs with blade
    • Cuts 10" with a 24" Blade
    • 1" Arbor Size
    • Wet Cutting Only!
    • Operator Manual
    • Part Lists & Drawings
    Saw cut 10" deep in concrete

    The hydraulic flush cut can effortlessly slice through concrete up to 10 inches deep, making it a formidable tool for various construction and renovation projects.

    Variable trigger handle positioning

    Customization to the operator's needs, it features a variable trigger handle positioning system. This allows users to comfortably adjust the grip to suit their preference and optimize control, enhancing accuracy and safety.

    Lightweight aluminum guard

    Crafted with a lightweight yet strong aluminum guard, the hydraulic flush cut ensures durability without compromising manoeuvrability.

    1-year warranty

    We stand by the quality and durability of the product. With a 1-year warranty, customers can have confidence in their purchase, knowing they are investing in a tool built to last.