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What Separates the Dragon Saw From the Competition?

Building permits in Canada were up more than 10% in May. The rising number of construction, remodeling, and demolition projects offers many opportunities for your concrete cutting business.

Are you looking for concrete cutting equipment that will give you a competitive advantage? You need the Dragon Saw.

The Dragon Saw is a high-performance option for all your concrete cutting needs. Learn more about why it stands above the competition.

Cutting Features of the Dragon Saw

The Dragon Saw design gives you cutting advantages over other types of saws. The Dragon Saw is the only hand saw that will let you cut 20" deep in concrete. You can choose from three blade options:

  • 16" (12" cutting depth)
  • 20" (16" cutting depth)
  • 24" (20" cutting depth)

The Dragon Saw doesn't require pre-cutting. This saves time and improves efficiency.

You can avoid overcutting corners. This helps you meet project specifications more easily. Overcutting can reduce the structural integrity of the finished opening.

Benefits from Wet Cutting with a Dragon Saw Diamond Blade

Dragon Saws are exclusively for wet cutting. This gives you several advantages over dry cutting.

Wet cutting concrete is faster and more accurate. You have better control over the blade. The chance for blade kickback is lower.

Wet cutting significantly reduces harmful dust. It's quieter and has less vibration than dry cutting. You use fewer blades, which helps lower your costs.

Wet-Cutting Diamond Blades

Wet cutting requires a diamond blade. A diamond blade has many benefits.

The other option is a corundum masonry blade. Corundum blades are inexpensive, but they wear out quickly.

Diamond blades are extremely durable. They have a longer lifespan. Dragon Saw blades let you reach complete diamond wear before you need to replace the blade.

A ring saw like the Dragon Saw gives you longer blade life than a diamond chainsaw blade. Diamond chainsaw blades don't have as much segment material. Ring blades use a more traditional segment that allows for many more diamonds.

Re-engineered to Maximize Reliability and Efficiency

The latest Dragon Saw redesign is the result of a decade of research and development. New features make the Dragon Saw even more reliable and efficient.

Drive Rollers and Guide Rollers

Threaded drive rollers minimize vibration. They reduce wear and are safer to operate. They increase the bearings' lifespan.

The guide rollers are easier to maintain. They're more economical.

Fluid Management

Water injection systems for the transmission and the skid plate give you better performance. A new injection system cools the transmission. It gives your saw a longer lifespan.

The remodeled water injection plate wears at the same rate as the ring blade. This feature prevents premature wear on internal parts.

You also get improved longevity of the saw from the additional oil in the transmission and gearbox. More oil helps the internal gears work more smoothly. It reduces internal wear.

Base Plate and Blade Center Guard

Modifying the Dragon Saw base plate added rigidity to the entire saw. The base plate is easier to reassemble.

A new full center guard for the blade prevents debris from entering.

Choose Your Dragon Saw Model

The Dragon Saw stands out above the competition. A range of features from the large-diameter cutting blade to the water-cooled transmission gives you the performance you need.

You can rely on a Dragon Saw from ACG Saws and Tools. We design and manufacture 99% of our products.

We're constantly working to improve the Dragon Saw. You can integrate the improvements into older versions, so your old saw will keep running like new. Check out the full line of Dragon Saws from ACG Saws and Tools and choose your next concrete saw today.

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