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Hydraulic Dragon Saw - Black Edition

Original price $5,100.00 - Original price $5,300.00
Original price
$5,100.00 - $5,300.00
Current price $5,100.00

The Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw is the only hand saw capable of cutting 16" deep with a 20" blade. (508 mm Ring Blade cuts 406.4 mm)

It also has the ability to easily interchange between a 20" Diamond ring blade and a 16" blade.

The Dragon Saw has a patented drive system that prevents blade slippage. The more force and pressure you apply to the machine the more your drive tights on your blade. With this system, you also guarantee 100% use of your blades

The available option between an 8 GPM (30.3 LPM) Motor or a 12 GPM (45.4 LPM) Motor

ACG Saws & Tools of Canada Inc. have been the actual manufacturers and designers of the Dragon Saw since 2007

Only use Dragon Saw specific blades 

Diamond Blades are sold separately unless stated. Every Dragon Saw Ring Blades comes with a water injection skid plate.


Features & Benefits

  • The only hand saw capable of cutting 16” deep in concrete
  • No pre-cutting is required
  • No over cuts
  • No blade slippage
  • Eliminates corner drilling
  • 100% use of the blade
  • Lightweight
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Minimum Blade Diameter: 16"
  • Maximum Blade Diameter: 20"
  • Wet Cutting Only!
  • Cutting Depth of 12" to 16"


  • Connection 1/2" Fittings
  • About 12" of hose Length
  • 2000-2500 PSI
  • Weight 32 lbs with Blade