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24-Inch Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw - Black Edition

SKU HDS2022-H8
Original price $6,650.00 - Original price $6,850.00
Original price
$6,650.00 - $6,850.00
Current price $6,650.00
  • The first hydraulic concrete cutting saw that cuts up to 20 inches (508mm) deep in block, concrete, and stone with a single blade.
  • Our Patented anti-slipping drive system ensures 100% diamond usages.
  • Achieve up to 3x faster cutting speeds than the competition and a remarkable 5x longer diamond blade lifespan compared to concrete chainsaws.
  • Versatile - All Dragon Saws are compatible with running 16-inch (406mm), 20-inch (508mm) and 24-inch (610mm) Blades

This bundle comes with the Hydraulic Dragon Saw, 24" Diamond Ring Blade, 24" Centre Piece and its Larger Top Blade Guard.

Why chose the 24" Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw

The Dragon Saw is the only premium concrete ring saw that gives you the option of cutting 20" deep in concrete. Get the same cutting depth of a 42" Diamond blade without breaking the bank. No other ring saw on the market gives you this must much versatility.

  • 1/2” fitting connections
  • About 12” of hose length
  • 2000-2500 PSI
  • Weight 32 lbs with blade
  • Minimum Blade Diameter: 16"
  • Maximum Blade Diameter: 24"
  • Cutting depth of 12" to 20"
  • Wet Cutting Only!
  • Operator Manual
  • Part Lists & Drawings
The Only Concrete Ring Saw with 20 inch Deep Cutting Capability

Introducing the Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw, tailored for cement with an exceptional 20-inch cutting capability. This saw is a powerhouse for deep cement, stone, and asphalt cutting, enabling precision and swift execution.

Eliminate Cement Pre-Cutting Steps

Enhance your efficiency with a saw that removes the need for initial cuts. Transition seamlessly to your main cement cutting tasks, boosting your output and reducing labor.

Precision without Overcuts

Our saw's precision engineering is optimized for cement, providing spotless and exact cuts without extending beyond the mark, for results that meet the highest professional standards

No Blade Slippage

Our saw comes with a fail-safe blade attachment design, preventing blade slippage and ensuring uniform cuts in cement, thus maximizing job safety and quality.

Streamlined Cement Cutting without Corner Drilling

Our Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw negates the need for corner drilling in cement, allowing for a smoother workflow and finer finishes, reducing subsequent corrective work.

100% Diamond Blade Utilization

Unlike some cement cutting saws that wear out the blade's center faster, our patented design ensures uniform use across the entire blade. This promotes a longer blade life, reduces replacement costs, and guarantees consistent cutting depth throughout the blade's lifecycle.

Lightweight Design

Despite its robust capabilities, our Hydraulic Dragon Ring Saw is designed to be lightweight. This feature enhances handling and maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue and making it suitable for extended use without compromising comfort.

Guaranteed Cement Cutting Excellence with 1-Year Warranty

Confident in the quality of our cement cutting saw, we support your purchase with a full 1-year warranty, highlighting our dedication to your satisfaction and product excellence.