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How to change the blade on your New Dragon Saw

Every Dragon Saw comes with a Toolkit. All the tools required to easily change you blade is in the toolkit.
*We recommend to change your oil after every new blade*
(158 Pure Synthetic Compressor Oil ISO 32)

  • Remove your Front Cover and install your new Water Injection Skid Plate
  • With your Dragon Saw Multitool and a 1/2" Wrench, remove the top Drive Roller (Smooth). Sit your new blade's groove on the bottom Drive Rollers lip.
  • Screw back in your top Drive Roller (Smooth) and tight it with your Multitool.
  • Slide your Front Cover back in. Flip your Dragon Saw vertical and wiggle it tight against your blade with the weight of the saw (Tensioning you blade)
  • Screw back in tight your top Blade Guard and your bottom Rubber Guard. Still while holding your Dragon Saw vertical.

How to tension your blade on the New Dragon Saw

Tensioning your blade is a small process that ensures your Guide Rollers do their job. The Guide Roller align and keep your blade true to the Drive Rollers. Misaligned Guide Roller will cause unnecessary wear on your Drive Rollers and other Parts.

  • Flip your Dragon Saw vertical on the edge of a table and loosen your top Blade guard and bottom Rubber Guard. 
  • With the weight of the Dragon Saw, wiggle your Front Covers Guide Rollers tight to your blade
  • Verify alignement of the blade and if the blade is in the groove of the Guide Rollers
  • Tight back in your top Blade Guard and bottom Rubber Guard.