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24" Hydraulic Circular Hand Saw

24" Hydraulic Circular Hand Saw

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The hydraulic circular hand saw is our version of a powerful and efficient standard cutting saw. It has a lightweight aluminum body equipped with a 10 GPM Casappa Motor. The handle is designed and positioned to enhance the operator's efficiency, safety, and comfort. This product sets a new standard in cutting precision and performance, making it the top choice for professionals in the industry. Our circular concrete saw offers more reliability and dependability than the alternatives available in and around Canada and the United States. This basic hydraulic cut-off saw is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. We proudly serve customers across Canada and the United States with fast and reliable shipping options.

Uses of Concrete Saws

Contractors and builders across The United States and Canada prefer our hydraulic concrete saw to cut into walls and other structures for door and window installations. One can find this product highly useful across construction and renovations sites for the following purposes:

  • Cut through tiles, bricks, concrete, stone blocks and other hard materials.
  • Cut openings or channels through concrete blocks, walls, and slabs.
  • For demolition projects, remove debris, etc.
  • Other heavy cutting needs.

It is essential to remember that working with a concrete saw exposes the operator to many hazards like push-back, pull-ins, and silica dust. Proper training and knowledge are required to safely and effectively use a concrete saw. Our hydraulic concrete saw is made with a high-quality lightweight frame that is ergonomically designed to enhance cutting precision, especially around tight corners and reduce operator fatigue. Furthermore, the precision engineering of this circular saw ensures smooth and controlled cutting, reducing the chances of kickbacks or blade binding. Invest in our hydraulic concrete hand saw and gain a reliable cutting tool that enhances safety measures on job sites across Canada and the U.S.

Contact our team to learn more about hydraulic concrete saws and other tools available at ACG Saws & Tools of Canada Inc. in Ottawa.

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Features & Benefits

Here’s a complete list to dive deep!

Lightweight aluminum frame: The saw boasts a frame constructed from high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability without adding unnecessary weight. The reduced weight gives users easy aneuverability, allowing for precise cuts even in challenging positions. This makes it suitable for both novice and seasoned users, ensuring a fatigue-free experience.

Direct drive: Unlike traditional belt-driven saws, our hydraulic circular saw utilizes a direct drive mechanism. Direct drive ensures efficient power transfer from the motor to the cutting blade. This results in consistent, powerful cuts with minimal maintenance and a reduced chance of operational breakdowns.

Dual trigger: Our saw is designed with a dual-trigger mechanism. This enhances user safety by preventing accidental startups and ensures that the saw operates only when intended. It provides additional control, especially during intricate cutting tasks.

Possible 11" of cutting depth: The saw can achieve an impressive cutting depth of up to 11 inches. This depth range ensures versatility in handling various materials and project sizes. Whether you're handling thin panels or thick blocks, the saw is up to the task.

Ergonomic and comfortable design: Beyond its functional capabilities, the saw is signed keeping user comfort in mind, with ergonomic handles and a well-balanced structure. Extended usage becomes more comfortable, reducing hand and arm strain. This design ensures that users can maintain accuracy over prolonged periods without discomfort.

1-Year warranty: We stand by the quality of our hydraulic circular saw by offering a 1-year warranty. This warranty gives users peace of mind, knowing that a guarantee backs them.

Check out our YouTube videos for a live demonstration showcasing the hydraulic circular saw in action. We also ship internationally, so whether you are in Canada or the US, we ensure you can get your hands on our top-tier hydraulic circular saws.


Here are some of the most common FAQs asked by our customers:

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How Does the Hydraulic Mechanism Enhance the Saw's Performance?

The hydraulic mechanism ensures consistent power delivery, making smoother, more efficient cuts.

Can the Saw Be Used for Both Indoor and Outdoor Projects?

The versatile design of our hydraulic circular saw makes it suitable for both environments.

What Safety Measures Should I Consider While Using the Saw?

Safety is paramount. While our saws are designed with user safety in mind, following standard safety protocols is essential.

We Ship Internationally

Explore our website for some of the top-notch cutting tools and get them shipped worldwide.

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